DIY Mix and Match Pattern Napkins

So, this is what I whipped up Sunday afternoon.  I'm one of those weird people who likes to have a little project in order to relax.  Don't get me wrong, a nap is nice, but I find a finished product more satisfying.  I had done cleaning, laundry, and cooking all day Saturday and just felt like I needed to make something for a change in pace.

I love to use cloth napkins.  There is something about them that makes dinner just a little more special.  I've been wanting some new napkins, something graphic and and great for casual events.  I love mixing and matching patterns, and napkins are a perfect way to do this.  I've had these 3 fabrics for a while now, just waiting to use them is some fun way.

To make a set of 6 napkins, you will need 1/2 yard each of 3 patterns.  Wash and dry the fabric before you cut it (you don't want it shrinking on you after you cut and sew it).  Use a rotary cutter and mat for best results and cut two 18" squares from each piece of fabric.

Using an iron fold over the helms one side of the napkin at a time.  Fold over 1/4", iron and then fold over again another 1/4" and iron.  I didn't do anything fancy of the corner.  And then I just simply sewed all the way around the napkins, being sure to backstitch a couple times on the corners to keep the secure and in place.

Really a set of six is not going to be enough for when I'm entertaining.  So, I'll be on the look out for other graphic black and ivory cotton patterns to add to this set.

Making mix and match pattern napkins leaves you with endless possibilities.  Think of all the patterns and colors out there.  Do you like mixing patterns?  Does this seem like a sewing project you might attempt?  


  1. I'm very into cloth napkins lately, and live the idea ofayching/not matching ones.

  2. Love the napkins. This is a great excuse for me to clean off my dusty sewing machine!

  3. i prefer naps-and paper towels as my napkin! :)
    but I do love the mixed patterns and would make a cute table setting! you could probably sell these too!

  4. LOVE the black and white napkins. Emma.

  5. Those are way cute! Linda

  6. Love the idea of mixing and matching pattern fabric to make these napkins. Thanks for sharing this easy project for beginners like me.


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