Thrifting Thursday: Metal File Boxes

The Human Society Thrift Shop, just down the street from my house, wins again.  I picked up these two vintage metal file boxes there for $1 each.  I love all things metal or industrial looking these days.  And anything to make my life a little more organized, makes me even happier.  Can't really complain about their paint jobs either, green and grey - they were meant to be mine.

Way back when I first started my blog, I shared a way to organize your kid's school memories, awards and projects.  Now I can give each of my kids there own box of memories.  Plus, the one file box for 2 kids was not going to cut it much longer.

How do you organize and store your kids special school mementos?  I'm definitely more of a thrower, but I know there are some very special things that should be saved.  Are you a thrower or a saver?


  1. Seriously $1 each, you are amazing Jeran how do you find such bargains - great find. Emma.

  2. That's a great bargain you found! I do pretty much the same thing, but I'm not as good at purging as you! I got some plastic boxes from Target and I'm glad to get those file folders into something. Now I need some cute file folders like you have!


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