Our Simple California Home

We really live a simple life in California.  Our house was built in 1920 and still has many of it's original fixtures and features.  When we bought the house in 2003, we didn't look in the paper or hire a realtor.  We knew we wanted to live in one of Bakersfield's oldest neighborhoods.  We loved the neighborhood for the park, the huge trees, and a healthy mix of mansions and bungalows.  So, as renters, we walked the streets and looked for 'For Sale' signs in yards.  I fell in love with this house immediately.  Denali, our daughter was just a year old and I was just a few months away from giving birth to Dylan, our son, when we moved in.  This house is definitely our home.  I have lived more years in this house then I have any house in my life.  It would be really hard to ever leave this house, all it's memories and all the money and work we've put into it.  

This is a tour of our Simple California Home.  Over the next couple of weeks I will add pictures of the rooms in our home.  
Click on the room below to see more.

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