Lego Themed Party

I shared last week that I was putting together a Lego Themed Party for my son Dylan's 9th Birthday.  We had the party Sunday evening, and then took off camping Monday morning, so I'm just now getting the pictures put together.

These Lego Men heads were really easy to make.  I dipped marshmallows in yellow Wilton melts, added to black sprinkles for eyes and drew on a smile with edible markers. 

It was a warm Cali evening, so I served refreshing pineapple lemonade (equal parts Lemonade + Pineapple Fanta).  I attached my lego face decals to the bottles for a custom touch (P.S. they are now available on my etsy shop).  

The cake was a very simple Lego Man Head.  And I got a fun Lego Picture App for my iphone and printed out an Legoized Photo of Dylan.  We took pictures of all the kids and plan to send them a Legoized Photo of themselves with the thank yous.

For the favors, the kids took home lego brick candy and jars of yellow slime (and I will share that recipe soon, because it was a hit). 

We snacked on mini Lego pepperoni pizzas, Lego crackers and cheese (I cut circles of cheddar and attached them to the cracker with spray cheese), Lego sugar cookies with buttercream icing and only yellow Reese's Pieces, chocolate Lego bricks (I ordered this chocolate mold from amazon and used yellow Wilton melts, and I also served veggies and dip and meat balls (because that's what Dyl wanted). 

I was really disappointed with my pictures, but the day was a little rushed and I wasn't ready early enough to take pictures before the guests arrived.  Oh well, Dylan had a great time and I think he felt special (that was my goal).

Oh, we played some great Lego themed games as well, I'll post those very soon.


  1. Love the jars the lemonade was served in- what kind of jars are they? The lemonade sounds great and it all looked great! Donita

  2. WOW-Loved everything about it! Any suggestions for a pirate party for my 5 year old twin boys??

  3. This is so adorable! I love how you creatively carried the theme through the food and favors, especially the 'yellow goo' jars and Lego head pops. So cute. I don't even have kids but I totally want to go to a party like this :)

    Ps, I'm sure the pictures don't do it justice but I thought they looked great!


  4. Such a cute idea! I bet your son will remember this for a long time :) Top notch, girl!

    Nook & Sea

  5. We got to be there this time and it was soooo cute and tasty too...but how did our boy get to be 9 so quickly! Grandma M


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