Home Tour: The Living Room

Besides the kitchen, this is the room we spend the most time in.  This is the first room you enter when you come into our home.  I really do not have a specific style (or at least I don't think I do).  This room really shows my taste, is a mixture of a whole bunch of things that work together for me.  I like modern lines (my linen sofa/sectional), pieces with history (Lonnie's Grandma's cedar chest that serves as our coffee table), things from my world travels (art, baskets, artifacts) , textures (leather and throws), and comfort (lots of pillows, a soft wool rug, and stove for warmth).

The fire place wall has a mantel the extends the length of the room.  We have mounted our TV on the mantel, giving us more floor space.  On one side of the fire place is built in book shelves and on the other is a pull down desk and more storage.  These are the nice things about having an old house.  I love original features like built ins.  

This green chair is one of the first real pieces of furniture we bought.  It's really no longer my style, but I still love the color and super comfy.  So, until I find the perfect replacement, I will still enjoy this chair.  Above this chair is a collection of prints, watercolors, photos and paintings that we have collected from Alaska to Italy and some place in between.

We have no official entryway.  The front door just opens to the living room, but I wanted to define it as an entryway with a piece of furniture.  My thrift store dresser does the trick.   And yes, I know that my family silhouette needs to be updated with our 5th family member.

You can see more of our little 1920 California Bungalow here.


  1. i love the non-clutterness of it. simple, functional, comfy.

  2. Wow, you definitely have a lovely living room. It looks very cozy and homey. Actually, you have a beautiful home. I did a virtual tour of your house and there was never a room I didn't like.

    1. Thanks for your sweet words. I'm actually about to make some changes to the living room - new paint and the green chair is gone and a fabulous grey West Elm chair is on it's way.


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