Burlap and Chevron Message Board

Well if you are out there pinning on Pintrest, there are two things that seem to be super popular these days: burlap and chevron.

So, I've combined the two and made something useful.  This is my new message board that hangs in my laundry room.  This is the room we come in and out of our house through.  So, it's the perfect spot for important reminders, family photos, and more.

I bought the old frame at the Rose Bowl Flea Market years ago for a couple bucks.  It's been sitting in my garage collecting dust and waiting for the perfect project.  It was in terrible shape, so I sanded it and painted it a nice creamy white.

Then I measured the frame opening and cut a piece of foam core board (from the $ store) to the exact size.

Then I cut a piece of burlap 4 inches wider and longer then the foam core.  Using 1 1/2" painters tape, I began taping off a chevron pattern on the burlap.  My pattern was easy because I wanted it to be irregular and random.  Then I took it outside and spray painted the whole thing with Metallic Gold Spray paint (that's another trend I'm seeing a lot of: Gold).  When it was dry, I removed the tape to reveal my pattern

Using a hot glue gun, I wrapped the burlap around the foam core and secured the edges to the back.  Then I just fit the board into the frame and used a staple gun to attach it to the frame.

What do you think?  Anybody think they would like to make one of these?  Would you like pictures of the step by step?  It's a pretty simple project, but I'm a visual learner and I understand that reading instructions without pictures can be hard to understand.


  1. I love it! You should totally sell these in your shop cause they are darrrrling and I would buy one!

    Nook & Sea

  2. make??? more like buy....and it would be useful if you could somehow incorporate hooks/knobs or something to hang keys from and maybe a little open slot/slanted basket or some type of little storage on it to hold the random little things, bills that need to be mailed that you grab on your way out the door! :)

  3. I love it....totally do! Linda M.


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