Out with the old, in with the new!

The New
I am pretty excited about this purchase.  We recently got a Home Goods here in Bakersfield.  I've enjoyed wondering through it from time to time, but hadn't found anything worth purchasing yet.  But, this week I hit the jackpot.  I found, what I think is, the PERFECT area rug for my living room.

We have had this Potterybarn 5 x 7, black paisley rug since we bought the house 8 years ago.  I have loved the rug and really it's still in excellent condition.  But, I was ready for a change.  Something I little more modern in feel and a little bigger.  I have been eyeing a few rugs at West Elm for sometime now, but just wasn't ready for the $500 + investment it would take.  Then, I found this beautiful Calvin Klein Home wool rug at Home Goods for 1/2 the price.  It was just too perfect.  We are loving it in our living room.  And having hardwood floors throughout the house, it's nice to have a little bigger rug area to play on.

The Old


  1. I love it good find!

  2. Where did you get your coffee table?

    Really like the new rug too!


  3. The coffee table is a cedar chest from Lonnie's Grandma McConnel. She left it to him. We have used it on and off over the years as our coffee table. It's really roughed up and worn out, just the way I like it. You don't have to feel bad about putting a drink on it or your feet.


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