Hello Kitty Birthday Party: Cake Pops

In November we celebrated Denali's 10th birthday.  We hit the double digits!  She wanted a Hello Kitty party and I was happy that she still wanted to be a little girl.  The fall was so busy with a brand new baby, that I decided to keep these ideas and share them with you now, leading up to Valentine's Day.  Everything was pink and red for the party.  Over the next couple of days I will share with you some of my party ideas.  

The first idea is these Hello Kitty Oreo Truffle Pops.  These are always a favorite treat at parties.  To start, I need to tell you that these are far from perfect (truth be told I almost threw them all out).  After working on these for 3 hours, and managed to drops 2 dozen of these out of the fridge.  So, what was left had to do.  

In hind sight I would have made the truffles with the golden oreos, because the white chocolate doesn't quite cover the dark oreo center.  I piped the eyes and whiskers on with melted dark chocolate.  The nose and flower are just candy decorations.

The trick to making the kitty shaped head is the roll an oval shape that glue two chocolate chips to the sides of the truffle.  Then when you dip them, the chocolate chips become the ears.

My beautiful 10 year old
Keep reading, I will post more ideas from the party tomorrow.

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  1. How adorable and what a beautiful child! Grandma M.


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