Hello Kitty Birthday Party: Macaroons and Kid Sushi

Here's more of the Hello Kitty fun from our party.  

These macaroons are made by piping two ears on the round macaroon.   Then the kitty features are added with edible markers (found in the Wilton Cake decorating section at Michaels).  I filled these with blackberry curb cream.

I also served Kid Sushi (because Hello Kitty is from Japan).  Rice crispy treats and cake are wrapped in fruit roll ups and topped with Swedish fish.


  1. Love the sushi! Very clever! Donita

  2. Hi Jeran! Lovely to be introduced to you this weekend. CCOC is a pretty neat little group and I hope to see you at more get togethers! Flea market adventures sound delightful ;)

    Something 2 Write About

  3. The Hello Kitty macaroon is to die for! Absolute cuteness!!


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