Oreo Truffle Pops

This is my 200th post!  To celebrate I shall eat an Oreo Truffle Pop and share the recipe with you.
These are always a favorite at any event.  I like to make these for birthdays or just any celebration.  I actually made these fall colored ones for Dylan's teacher for Thanksgiving (Thanks Mrs. Girardi for all you do).  They are super easy to make.

Oreo Truffle Pops

1 package of regular Oreos (no double stuffed)
1 8oz. package cream cheese
Wilton Chocolate melts or any other good melting chocolate

In a food processor, blend the oreos until they are completely crumbs.  Then add only 3/4 of the cream cheese to start (6 oz.).  Blend again until the mixture comes together in a ball.  If you need to add more cream cheese, add about a tbsp. at a time till the dough will hold together in balls.  Refrigerate this for about 1 hour.

Roll the dough into 1 inch balls and refrigerate again until they are firm.  Melt the chocolate.  Dip the sticks into a little bit of chocolate and them insert them into the balls.  Refrigerate again.  Then dip the balls in the chocolate and tap them on edge of a bowl to remove the excess chocolate.  Add sprinkles while they are still soft.  Refrigerate again!  Oh, and I use a chunk of florist foam to stand the pops up in while I am working on them.

By my 200th post I imagined I might have a few more followers, but I am thankful for my faithful few that do read.  I have fun blogging, so I guess I will continue.  More then anything, I do enjoy reading your comments.  Please let me know what you like to read about most, I want your input


  1. Oreos are my favorite. Gonna have to make this one for sure!

  2. i have passed along your blog link before, just because people don't "follow" doesn't mean they don't read! i didn't realize you could follow for the longest time!thanks for sharing! these look simple and yum!!

  3. Hi Jeran, we made these the other day and although ours didn't look as pretty as yours they were VERY well received! I had ideas they'd last till Christmas. I was very wrong. :)
    Thanks for sharing this.


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