Crib Sheet Pattern

 I made this crib sheet for two reasons:

1. You can't find grey crib sheets or bedding.
2. The materials cost less then $7, so that's cheaper then buying just a plain white crib sheet.

I have included a pattern and pictures to make this sheet.  Feel free to print the pattern and instructions.  This really only took 30 mins to make.  
Follow the instructions on the pattern.  I have numbered the images below to go along with the instructions.  

No. 4
No.  6
No. 7 and No. 8
No. 8
No. 8

I hope you find this helpful.  I plan to make another sheet in a cuter fabric, but I needed to get one done as least.  You always need more then one sheet, leaks and spit-ups do happen. 


  1. Um, I'm still gonna need help with this one, but I DO want to do it - otherwise, yeh I'm stuck with cream sheets.

  2. Love the tree skirt! Linda M (Grandma)

  3. Does this sheet fit a standard crib mattress? I have heard and read that crib sheets take 3 yards of fabric, and your pattern says it needs only 2 yards.

  4. I'm a little confused about inserting the elastic and the hem pocket. Do you just fold it over twice and put the elastic in as you sew it, or do you insert it in after? Thanks for the tutorial!

    1. Yes, fold it over twice, sew and then insert the elastic. I hope that makes sense.

  5. This is the easiest pattern! Thank you for posting this and making it understandable!

  6. do you just put in elastic on head and foot of sheet?

  7. What is the hem measurement? Is it a 1/2" hem pocket?


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