Under Bed (or crib) Storage

I don't think you can ever have enough storage, we definitely can't in our little house.  I needed some extra storage for the girl's room especially.

I actually found these 2 old drawers at a garage sale and paid $2 for each of them.  I have had in my head for a while that old drawers would make great under bed storage, but I thought I would probably have to buy a cheap dresser in order to have drawers.  I lucked out with a random garage sale that was selling just the drawers.

Lonnie painted these with the leftover crib paint.  I added 4 caster wheels that I picked up at Lowes for $5 a package to each drawer.  Then I added a antique-style clear glass pull to the front of each.

I already have them full of extra baby blankets, diapers, and clothes for the next season, and toys.  I think these are really going to come in handy.

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