5 Flower-Less Arrangements for Fall

I love the look of real, fresh flowers in my home.  Every couple of weeks I buy a inexpensive bunch of flowers at the grocery store.  They immediately freshen a space and add life to my rooms.  But, I'm always on the look out for arrangements that are no-fuss and can last for a long time.  I teamed up with my favorite local florist, House of Flowers, in downtown Bakersfield to put together 5 very easy arrangements for Fall that actually aren't flowers at all. (If you are local, be sure to follow them on Instagram, they host some really great workshops.)  This fun mixture of berries and twiggy, leafy stems adds texture, life and color in a beautiful subtle way.  And the best part is, you don't really have to have any floral arranging skills at all.

All of these would look gorgeous paired with flowers or as fillers in an elaborate arrangement, but I love the simplicity of placing each item in it's own container. 

I started with a mixture of some old and new vases.

Copper Mugs // 3 Tall Vases (I've had for over 10 years) // White Pitcher // Short White Vase // Copper and Brass Vase (Thrifted)

Here's my new favorites. Next time you are looking for some fun foliage for arrangements, be sure to ask your local florist for these inexpensive flower-less stems.

1. Moon Lagoon Eucalyptus

2. Cotton

3. Red Brunia

4. Silver Brunia

5. Privet Berries


  1. These are all really pretty! I especially love the privet berries.

    I live in San Francisco now but grew up on a farm in a small town near you, Dinuba. The first time I saw cotton for sale here at Whole Foods, for $3.29 a stem(!) I took a picture and sent it to my dad with all the laughing emoji. I couldn't believe anyone would pay that, it was quite a culture shock. LOL

  2. What gorgeous non-arranged arrangement! I love all the textures you chose, especially the cotton and silver brunia. And the copper + white vessels are perfection. Thanks for these great ideas!


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