Thrifting Thursday - Dishes and Decor

It was a good week for thrifting here in Bakersfield.  Actually it took me all of 12 minutes to score these treasure at my local Salvation Army on Monday afternoon.

I got all of the items seen here for less then $12.

Lonnie calls these black hexagonal dishes ash trays, but they totally aren't.  The bottoms of them say France and they aren't ceramic, they are black milk glass ( I found these on etsy that are just like them). 

I love this set of 6 milk glass ramekins, they will go nicely with my milk glass juice cups (seen here). It's time to make creme brulee!!!! 

These vases were a fun non-vintage find.  These two vases are from West Elm and they still had the $16 price tags on the bottom of them.  I paid $3.84 for the pair.

And the finally find for the day, was this pretty pearlescent and gold plate.  For just a $1.84, I'm sure you'll see this plate in a photo shoot or instagram image soon.  I love styling images and rooms with inexpensive thrifted treasures.

What have you found lately?  If you share a pic of your finds on instagram, be sure to tag them #thriftingthursday, I'd love to see what you buy.

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  1. Those vases are amazing! What a find. Not bad for 12 minutes of thrifting!


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