DIY Gold Grid Wall

This is probably my favorite feature in this Global Eclectic Bedroom, the hand drawn Gold Grid Wall.  I knew from the beginning that this room needed some white paint to brighten up the small space that is was.  But, I also wanted to added some sort of graphic element that wasn't super heavy.
This simple gold grid was just what the room needed.

I've always love Mandi's (of Vintage Revivals) gold sharpie wall in her living room. So, I decided to attempt my own version. Using just 2 waterbased gold sharpie paint pens I was able to cover the whole wall.  I didn't want super straight lines, I wanted the grid to look hand drawn (but not like a 5 year old did it). So, I measured and taped off every line, but ran the sharpie pen just above the tape line so that the line would not be perfectly straight.  I spaced my grid 6" apart. Using a level and tape measure, I taped one line at a time, drew my sharpie line and then moved the tape ( I used the same piece of tape for almost the entire wall). I'm not going to say that this was quick job, but it was easy. I think I completed the whole wall in about 5 or 6 hours. Not bad for a $7 wall.

It's subtle and a little shimmery.  I love how object look hanging on it.  It's a fun layer to this space.

I'm tempted to draw a gold grid wall on my bedroom wall.  I think the gold would look really great on my grey walls. 


  1. Yay!! I noticed that wall at the very first glimpse of the room. I love the hand drawn look, so perfect!

  2. super cool! so many possibilities floating in my head now...thanks for the inspiration!


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