O + P Color Palette 2015 - Cobalt Blue

Continuing with my O + P color palette for 2015, here's my second color - Cobalt Blue.  This week I'm sharing a color palette that I have decided to focus on for 2015.  Some of the colors are on trend, some are just my favorites and some are just great compliments to the colors I already love and live with now. 

Cobalt Blue is a color from my past that I'm returning to. It's not a color that I really have in my home at all right now. But, it is a color that I'd like to add splashes of soon. This is a color I feel comfortable in. The bedding I took to boarding school and then college was this color. And being a redhead, I know this is a good color for me to wear. This is the most risky color I'm adding to my palette. I feel safe with grey and green. I needed something fresh and bright in my life, so Colbalt Blue it is.  

Do you tend to stick with the same colors over and over? Or do you take risks and play with new colors in your home and closet all the time?  What colors are you wanted to add to your life? 


  1. I'm totally into cobalt and inky indigos too right now!

  2. I did not think I was a cobalt person. But that color board!! I think I might be! Thanks for the inspiration!!!


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