O + P Color Palette 2015 - Gold

This week on the blog is going to look a little different.  We are spending our Spring Break in LA working at a inner city mission. (I'll post a little about our adventures on Instagram and Facebook, if you are interested).  Since we'll be off the grid a bit, I've put together a week of color inspiration for you.  I've been working on picking a color palette for my home and studio.  There are definitely colors I gravitate to. If you've followed me for I while, you know Grey, Green and Gold are pretty much a constant here. But, I'm pushing myself a bit and adding to my palette.  I've been playing with color combinations and experimenting with colors that compliment what I already own and love.  So, join me this week while I share my Oleander + Palm color palette.  I'm sharing a variety of home accessories in these colors that can easily be added to any space and work well with a lot of styles. And all these items are about $50 or LESS! 

So, for the first color, no surprise, it's GOLD. I used to be an all silver girl, my wedding ring is even white gold.  But, I have a new love for metallic yellow gold and brass. I love it mixed with silver in my home.  If you don't have touches of gold, here's some great pieces to get you started.  Gold doesn't have to feel stuffy and uptight, like you like in an Victorian castle.  It can be playful and add a fun vintage vibe to your space. 

Come back tomorrow for more color inspiration and sources.  And Happy Spring Break!!!

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  1. darling ideas! love that gold california print! have a great time on your spring break.


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