Global Eclectic Bedroom Reveal

I'm really excited for you to see my latest room makeover.  I'm calling it the Global Eclectic Bedroom.  This is one of those dream projects you guys.  I was asked to create a "lived in", traveled, collected feeling, somewhat weird space for a creative fun college kid.  And then, the rest was up to me.  I was really given total creative freedom.  The only thing that stayed from the original space was the mattress and one eggplant colored wall.  I would say that about 90% of this space is thrifted finds and DIYs, which made for a unique look on a budget (my favorite kind of room).

Over the next couple of days, I'll share more in detail about the sources and DIYs in this space.  But, for today, I'm just going to mostly let the pictures do the talking (because there are plenty of them).  

I loved being able to play with so much color in this room.  With the walls being white, the splashes of color have nothing to compete with.  I didn't have a color palette for this space.  I just knew that my client loved lavender.  So, I played with saturated colors and repeated shades of purple throughout the space.  I kind of made it my mission not to match colors.  And pattern, I mixed and hardly every matched, and somehow I think it all works.  

I started with a fun graphic duvet cover from West Elm.  I knew the pillows would be very colorful and ornate, so I wanted something angular to compliment them.  I had already created the hand drawn gold grid wall, so when I found this grey grid duvet, I loved the idea of repeating the pattern.  And then pillows, pillows and more pillows.  I few of the pillows are actually ones I bought while living in Yemen, and the others are fun Crate and Barrel Outlet, Urban Outfitters, and Target.  Oh and the cute plus sign sheets are also from Target. 

The bed is the simplest pine bed frame from Ikea.  I didn't want it to be a focal point, I wanted the gold grid wall to be the highlight.  And the table, I've already shared, is an easy DIY.

I'll share more about the shelves soon, but almost every item on the shelves and dresser are thrifted treasures I've been collecting over the last couple of months.  When I find something interesting, I stick in in a box and save for a future project.  

And the gorgeous credenza, you may recognize.  It's a craigslist find I gave a little makeover to.  I have a piece of glass cut for the top so that it would be protected from drinks and make-up that could be spilled on it.  At one end of the dresser, I created a little "desk" area.  It's simply a place to keep her laptop, a calendar and some desk essentials.  And yes, that is a neon cactus light, weird was a must for this young space. 

I love how this starburst mirror picks up all the colorful splashes throughout the room.

At the end of the bed, I added a little sitting area with a fun craigslist chair and a pouf from World Market. Above the chair I hung two tree people carvings that I found at an estate sale.  

The room before was painted dark red and this eggplant purple color.  The space felt small and dark.  I convinced my client to paint the walls white, but she really wanted to keep one purple. We left the back wall the dark color and I think it totally works.  The closet didn't have doors, so I hid the mess and clutter of the closet with simple curtain panels and a tension shower rod.

And with pillows, you must have throws.  This inexpensive grey throw got a little makeover with some pom pom trim.  That's a post that is coming soon.

And athough the ceiling are not high in this room, I wanted to bring your eye and not neglect this space.  I found the macrame plant hanger and pot at thrift stores and the gorgeous brass hanging lights at World Market. 

And because my client insisted on having some weird elements in the space, the sad clown paint-by-number was a must.

Phew, that was a lot of pictures for one post.  I'd love to know what you think?  And if you have any questions about the details from this space, please ask.


  1. It's awesome! I love the weird element you incorporated into the design per the client's request. My favorite part has to be the interesting mix of pillows.

  2. This room looks amazing!


  3. Looks awesome! Love the pics too!

  4. I love it Jeran!!! Everything looks amazing. I actually just picked up the same starburst mirror the other day. Great minds ;) Love the shelving, too. will you be doing a post on the actual shelves? I'll be adding open shelving to my kitchen eventually and love the simplicity of those.


  5. its darling. what a fun age to design for...i love the weird factor. you pulled off the best pattern mixing!


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