3 Tiered Hanging Plant

Ok you guys, this is my first DIY made and photographed in my new studio.  I'm soooooo excited to have this space.  It's a nice bright white space, so I needed to add a little green.  So a made this 3 Tiered Hanging Planter for a corner of the studio.

Here's what you'll need:

3 small baskets (I got mine from the Targett Dollar Spot)
Natural Twine (I used black)
12 wooden beads
Design Master Spray Paint (in a few fun colors, I used Coral, Basil and Flat Black)
3 cute plants

Start by spraying the bottom half of the baskets with the spray paint.  Design Master Colortool paint works really well for this, because it give an even coat that can be layered to create a more intense shade of the color.  By layering the color more towards the bottom of the basket, this is how you can achieve this nice faded effect.  And for an even more transparent look to colors, I suggest Design Master's Tint it spray dyes.

 Then pick some complimentary colors for the beads and spray paint them.

 Now there's just a little cutting and lots of measuring and knot tying.

1. Begin by cutting 4 pieces of twine that are each 6 yards long.

2.  Fold the pieces of twin in half and tie the folded half in one knot together.

3.  Divide the twine into 4 pairs of strings.  Thread one bead onto each pair.

4. Measure 12" from the top knot and knot the pairs of string together.  Pull the bead down to the knot.

5. Now take one string from a pair and tie it to one string from the pair right beside it.  Do this, working in a circle, till all the strings are tied to another string beside them.  These knots should be 3 inches from the last knot.

6. Finally, knot all the strings together, 3 inches from the last set of knots.

Repeat Steps 2-6 for the next two plants.  When all three spots have been made for the plant baskets, trim the string/twine at the bottom.

Place one basket in each beaded nesting spot and fill with plants.  This would work with clay or plastic pots as well.  I just liked the look of these little baskets for a little more texture.

I buy my Design Master paints and my local Michaels. Design Master paints can paint the most delicate of surfaces, such as silk and fresh flowers, fabric, ribbon, tulle, lace, paper, foam board and Stryrofoam TO the sturdy hard surfaces such as wood, metal, masonry, terra cotta, ceramics and plaster. Design Master is a great resource for products and ideas.  Be sure to check out all the craft and project ideas on their blog.  

This post is sponsored by Design Master. All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 


  1. These are pretty. I like the colors you chose. Can't wait to see more of your studio!

  2. It looks SO good! Simple, and beautiful - well done!

  3. so clever! love an inexpensive diy that look much more expensive!


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