Fun and Creative Door ideas

As I'm slowly getting moved into my studio, I'm trying to find some unique ways to make the space mine.  I thing I'd love to do it spruce up one of the doors in the space.  There is one interior door that is just asking to be painted or patterned in some way (probably triangles).  But, here's a few really cute door ideas for a little inspiration.  

Is there one her in this mix that you like more then the others?  What do you think would be a signature O + P door?  I'm thinking grey, green and triangles.  But, I'd love to know you thoughts.  

1 comment:

  1. What about gray, green, and gold triangles on a natural wood door? Kind of like the first image of the polka dot door, but more O + P-ish? :) I would LOVE something like that!


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