Decorate a Christmas Tree for Just $10

Yep! I decorated this whole tree for just $10! I made 3 different ornaments and even a topper for just a few bucks and I think this tree looks pretty great.  You don't have to go into debt just to have a nicely decorated tree in your home.  

I kept with my Swedish inspired Christmas and made more salt dough dala horses and painted them metallic gold.  I whole batch of salt dough costs less then $2 to make.  I also made simple white paper stars.  Just cut out a classic star shape and then crease the star from the center of each point to create a 3Dish look.  And the final ornament was just a piece of cute gingham ribbon cut in a V at the bottom and hot glued down at the top for a string.  A hung all the ornaments from the same fun black and white baker's twine.  The star topper is just a larger version of the star ornaments.  I used a 12x12" piece of glittery gold scrapbook paper for this.  

Your Christmas tree should reflect your personality and taste, so customize your look by cutting salt dough ornaments in shapes that mean something to you and add a splash of color and pattern with any 2" wide ribbon.

Here's what I spent:

$2 - Salt Dough
$2.50 Spool of Ribbon
$1 - Glittery Gold Scrapbook Paper
$1 - 4 Sheets White Card Stock
$2 - Black and White Baker's Twine
$1.50 - 1/2 yard of Fabric

Total = $10

This cute No. 2 Pencil Christmas Tree from Treetopia is the perfect tree for a small space. I'm telling you guys, for a fake tree, this one is really good. The branches are full and life like with lots of texture and color variation.  This is an unlit version.  I decided I liked the look of no lights on this tree.  It allowed the ornaments to stand out and not be cluttered with bulbs.  Next year I may add a few strings of lights, but for now I'm happy with it the way it is.

And I tree isn't fully decorated without a tree skirt, I made a baby one for this skinny tree out of a 1/2 yard of fabric I had.  I'm pretty "mad for plaid" lately.  I can't get enough of buffalo check and ginghams. 

Thank you Treetopia for providing the tree.  And thank you to my readers for supporting the companies that make this blog possible. 


  1. Those stars are SO fun. Such simple ornaments but such a cheerful little tree :)

  2. love those clay ornaments...super inspiring! filing this away for next year!

  3. Wow, this is so inspiring. Each Christmas I feel drawn to a more toned down look. This is festive, cute and so affordable! I've been keeping an eye out for Scandi cookie cutters all season. May just have to order some for next year.


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