Thrifting Thursday - Caroling Vases

This week I hit the Christmas vase jackpot at my local thrift store.  I just can't get over how cute this little pair of carolers (that's what I'm calling them) are. 

I paid quite a bit for thrift store prices, $15 for the pair.  But, to be honest, I would have happily paid more. I'm going to have so much fun pulling these out every Christmas.

The bottoms are marked "Margaret", I googled it, but came up with nothing. So, if you have an idea when these were made or where, I'd love to know.  Even if they are of no value at all, I still LOVE them. 

What a handsome couple the make with some simple ever greens in them.

I really haven't been thrifting all month.  I sure glad I stopped at my favorite thrift store this morning.  Have you found any treasures lately?  

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