Decorating for Halloween

Well, we've got all our Halloween fun out.  My kids love it when we make our home a little spooky.  I've got plans for a couple more Halloween projects in the next week or so.  But, right now, while my camera is being serviced, I thought I'd share a few shots from my instagram.

Since it's #ThriftingThursday, you should know that I found this pair of copper candle holders at a junk yard and paid $5 for the pair.  I picked up some sleek black tapers at World Market for them.  This is my favorite Halloween addition this year. 
The Southwest Pumpkins are back, I'm so glad I painted these on fake pumpkins.  I'm sure they will be around for a few more years. 
I love me some owls.  I grouped some of my neutral tones ones to make a little Halloween owl family.
This number 5 sign I found at a junk store for $5 a while back.  It always sits on my mantel, but I added a little creep to it with some black twigs and a clip on spider.
Yarn Art got a little creepy crawly with some festive colored yarn and some plastic spiders. 
We've put these cardboard owl silhouettes in our front windows for the last 5 years or more. I saw the idea in a Martha Steward magazine. 
I place my Wall of Bats on a different wall this year.  I love them going over this arch. 

Have you added a little spook to your place yet?  Now, I better get working on costumes.  We're just weeks away now.

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  1. I'm loving your fresh take on Halloween decor - looks great!


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