3 Tips (from a teacher) to Help Your Kids Have a Successful School Year


I'm taking a break from my usual diy/design posts to share something that is close to my heart - my kiddos and their education. I know everyone is Back-to-School now and in the full swing of it.  I've shared before, but I was a Elementary School teacher and I have a BA in Elementary Education. And, so sad for my kids, but my husband is also a teacher. He's the nerdy High School Biology teacher. We're pretty passionate about our kid's education and their success in school. We were and are public school teachers and our kids go to their local public schools. Schools, districts and teachers can be far from perfect, but no matter where your kids attend school, parents can help facilitate success for them. So, today I'm partnering with the California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk?) to bring you 3 tips that we use to help ensure our kids get the most out of their school experience.

1. Fuel the mind and body!

This probably seems pretty obvious but, good nutrition and strong, healthy bodies is where it starts. My kid's definitely eat junk from time to time but, I really try to make sure they eat a balanced diet daily. Breakfast is important. Parents have to make sure that their kids are arriving at school fueled for the day. For us, a big glass of Milk is #1 in the morning.  From time to time, Denali (who is almost 13) will skip breakfast or chose something sugary. She will admit that she crashes before lunch can come when she makes those decisions. I try to keep a few healthy options on hand, so they feel like they can have a choice. And I cook a homemade meal and we eat dinner as a family most days.

To encourage my kids to drink more milk, sometimes fun paper straws and cute milk bottles do the trick. Making it feel more like a treat is important.

2. School - it's your kid's job!

Kid's need to know that they have responsibility in life and SCHOOL is their JOB! It's not our job as parents, it's theirs.  We are their to support and encourage them, but the buck stops with them.  Since our kids were in kindergarten, we've (mostly my husband) have talked to them about future careers and college. They know that they will be going to college (a good college) and choices they make now, WILL affect their future. Denali and Dylan, my older 2, already have colleges picked out and degrees they want to pursue. Will their choices change, have they changed many times? YES, but college is not an option. Just like adults, kids need to have a purpose and goals.

3. Be the teacher's pet!

No, I really mean it. A little butterying up goes a long way. I'm telling you this from a teacher's perspective. Your child's classroom experience can be a whole lot better if you support and even give your child's teacher treats. Teachers are under paid and face a lot of struggles these days. A coffee gift card or movie tickets for their day off will show you care. And if you have time to take it a step further, be the mom or dad that volunteers. Any little effort will be noticed and as a result, your child will be noticed! In my opinion a happy teacher is going to be a better teacher. This may sound like bribery, but really I'm just suggesting practical ways to support your child's teacher. It really doesn't have to be much.

I hope you find my tips helpful. Do you have some great ideas or advice for helping assist success in school? I'd love to know what works for you. I hope your kids are having a fantastic school year. Be sure to check out Got Milk? for more about the health benefits of Milk.  The site has some GREAT recipes for kiddos and grown ups (like Lavender London Fog Lattes and Cinnamon Rose Lattes).

If you aren't a Milk believer yet, here's the facts folks:

Milk is a source of protein: There are 8 grams of protein in every 8 oz glass.
Milk has 9 essential nutrients:
Vitamin D
Vitamin B12
Vitamin A

And milk can help grow healthy hair, strong nails, strong bones and it prevents risks of cavities, promoting strong teeth.

Got Milk?

This post is sponsored by The California Milk Processor Board (Got Milk?). All opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands that make this blog possible. 

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  1. I totally agree with the teacher's pet part. I was always teacher's pet and basically all that means is wanting to be noticed for positive characteristics. I gave my son's bible school teachers a gift today and told them I appreciate them because I was an Elem teacher and bible school teacher and I know the commitment both take and how far a simple "thank you" goes :)


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