Global Backpacker Bedroom Reveal

Ok, this is truly one of my favorite spaces. I would happily move into my nephew's new big boy bedroom (and I do when I'm in town because it doubles as a guest room).  This almost 4 year old's room is all boy, but not a toddler space. I think this will be a room that he can grow up in.  It's a mix of old and new and has just the right amount of color and pattern.  I spoke to my brother and sister-in-law about the look they were going for and we decided that the space would be outdoorsy, adventurous and global.  It's really a room that embodies my brother Josh and his adventurous life and spirit.  

Remember this inspiration board for a Global Backpacker Big Boy Bedroom.   I know, it was a long time ago that I posted this.  Warning: I might start rambling here, feel free to skip over this and just look at the pics. And really, the room has been done for quite awhile, I've just been stuck on taking the plunge to share this project. It's weird, I'm really proud of this space, but I've been anxious about weeding through the pictures and sharing the finished product. It's been on my to-do list every week for months and I keep leaving it there. I don't know why I'm sharing this. But, I am frustrated with myself lately. I've had a lot on my plate, and as a result I've been very absent with my blog, and I really love this part of my life (blogging). I don't want to be like this, I just have trouble sharing posts that I think are less then perfect (that's pretty much everything on this blog). The truth is, I'm not a photographer, even though I have to take pictures for my blog almost daily. I'm self conscience of the quality of my images. I know this room looks good in person, but I want it to translate to your computer screen the same way. I just don't do anything half-hearted, and therefore as a result, sometimes I put off and put off things. I don't know if this makes sense or if you care to hear my ramblings. I just want to share a little bit more about this one-man-show. But, I do love to take risks, so here's my little risk for today, I'm finally sharing the room I designed for my nephew. I hope you like it as much as I do, and if you don't, that's ok. 

Over the next week or so I'll share more of the details and resources for this space. So, today just browse through the many pics and feel free to ask questions and I'll try to answer them all in the posts to follow.  

The little grouping of art over the dresser is one of my favorites. I love to put smaller prints and pictures together to make a statement as one piece. The awesome Minted art (Bear and Mountains) were the starting place for this grouping. I love that you can buy their gorgeous prints framed and ready to hang. And white mattes and white frames are so crisp and clean. 

The huge black world map decal from Wallums, is perfect in this space. The black map looks so sharp with all the black furniture. I'll be telling you more about this piece. It was so easy to put up and the results are so dramatic. 

And let's be honest, I can't really love a room with out a little Land of Nod here and there. Nod products work so well with vintage and thrifted pieces. The red library cart, the adventure art, the plaid storage cubes, the first aid box, the chevron pouf, the bear pillow, the & storage bin, the black and white striped sheets, and the D for Discover pillow were better then perfect for this space.  

I also made a couple pillows to throw into the mix. Logan is named after a Mountain in Canada, so the mountain was a must and the blue camping fabric had to make it's way into the room somehow.  Canoes and canteens, come on now.  

Now, I'm sure I've said favorite already, but the little desk really is the highlight of the room and the kid's favorite spot. My talented brother, Joash, made this desk out of all found and reclaimed supplies.  It's a gorgeous piece, that's unique and perfect for little kiddos to play and color at.  This was truly a custom piece.  My parents got all the grandkids these sweet little antique folding chairs a couple Christmases ago, so I asked Joash to make a table that would fit the chairs perfectly and sit right under the window in this room.  The top of the table is an old redwood diving board. Joash sanded it just enough to reveal the beautiful grain, but also left hint of the painted surface. He made this entire piece without any nails or screws, it's all doweled together. The legs he found somewhere, along with the filing cabinets and cubbies that he added the center of the table.  

I used the same sheets on both the top and bottom bunks, but used different blankets. The bottom bed sports a vintage Hudson Bay blanket (that I bought for my brother for Christmas a couple years ago at the Pasadena Flea Market) and the top bed I gave a splash of color with a yellowy-mustard quilt from Target

I refinished a little mid century nightstand by leaving some of the original wood on the drawer and top and painted the rest a high gloss black. Then I made a really simple black shelf with some very inexpensive supplies and hung a vintage backpack under the shelf for stuffed animal storage.  

Keep checking back, I'll have more details about the room in coming posts. And if you want the sources for anything you see in the space, please just ask.  


  1. great job! so many personal details and great spots for this lucky boy to store his stuff.

  2. Jeran, it's an amazing room! I am in love with the map:) I really need help with my kids rooms, my boys share a small room..How would you divide a space between a 7 year old and a 4 year old?

    1. The age gap is tough. With Denali and Olivia I tried to stay away from anything too toddlerish and try to make the space a more for Denali. A toddler can love big kid stuff, but big kids really don't love baby stuff. I'd love to help you with the rooms, sure wish I was closer. We could SH together for some great treasures. FB message me with some ideas or colors, themes, likes, and dislikes and I'll try to put together a mood board for you. If that helps.

  3. Jeran. This room is phenomenal. It makes me want to be a little boy so I can have my own global backpacker big boy's room. :) Every piece is so great! As usual you have such an eye for mixing patterns and textures and bringing everything together. I LOVE it!

  4. The room is fabulous! Really outstanding design! Thumbs up! Greetings, Storage Northockendon Ltd.


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