My Mini Nerd

I've told you before that I married a nerd. I highly recommend it, he's loyal, level headed and is always thinking about something interesting. Well, as a result of marrying a nerd I also gave birth to a mini one.  Meet Dylan Robert. Olivia, my 2 year old, dominates my instagram feed, because she's with me all day long and she's pretty darn cute. But, I want you to know about my other amazing kids as well.  I introduced you to Denali a couple months ago.

Dylan is my middle child and our only boy. He is a nerd. He's smart and very curious about life and how things work. He's in GATE school and takes it very seriously. He's also my sweetest, most thoughtful kid. He usually hugs us 2 or 3 times before he goes to bed. He's a bit of a clean freak and keeps a pretty organized, neat room (for an 11 year old).  He LOVES lego. Since he was 3 years old, he's probably spent a couple hours a day building and creating things (mostly Star Wars type space ships) with Lego. He's very generous and he loves his sisters. He asks lots of questions. And his personality is most like mine. He is passionate about perfection and is very diligent.  He doesn't do half-hearted and he's a great artist.  This kid is going to go places, I know it.

We got Dyl ready for back-to-school with a little shopping at P.S. from Aeropostle. I made my life a little easier and did all his shopping online.  With a couple pairs of skinny jeans, I great pair of black high tops and two new shirts, he's set for Fall.

Thanks P.S. from Aeropostle for providing Dylan's wardrobe. 


  1. He is one 'very special guy' and dang good looking too! We love that guy.......Linda

  2. Nerds are the BEST kind of people. Stay nerdy, Dylan!


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