Thrifting Thursday - Finds for the Global Backpacker Bedroom

For today's Thrifting Thursday, I'm sharing some of the thrifted treasures that I found for the Global Backpacker Bedroom.  I want you to see that decorating and designing a space doesn't have to cost a fortune. Some of the best pieces in this room cost less then $5. With a little hunting and a love for the quirky and sometimes weird, you can give your home a unique look.

This little train cost less then $3.  I gave it a quick spray with some flat white paint and filled it with some nice succulents.  

I bought the vintage Hudson Bay blanket at the Pasadena Flea Market.  I paid $50 for it and $40 to have it dry cleaned.  The nightstand cost my $8 and I left the drawer and top it's original wood finish and painted the rest a glossy black.  I found the backpack at a thrift store for $5 and a vintage boy scout book for a buck or two.  

My brother, Joash, found this other backpack, I'm sure he only paid a dime for it.  The two antique folding chairs where bought by my parents at an antique store in Northern Cal.  And the desk/table was made by Joash with ALL found materials and objects.  The top is an old redwood diving board, how cool? 

The paint by number, has appeared on Thrifting Thursday before.  I paid only $2.84 for this gorgeous piece.  The Yosemite pendant I paid a whole $10 for, but it was sooo worth it, right? 

What have you scored lately?  Are you finding your treasures at thrift stores, garage sales or craigslist?  

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  1. Today at Goodwill I found a doll rocking chair that perfectly matches the scale of the heirloom doll furniture my daughter already has. Another recently picked up a "Girls Rock" plaque for her door (which thematically matches a guitar picture frame I got at Michaels.)


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