3 West Elm Looks for Less

Who doesn't love West Elm? I sure do, I've been drooling over their catalogues for at least 8 years now. And I love when I get a chance to visit a store. So much inspiration in one spot. This company is spot one and they are the trend setter. And while their prices are great, I know you are going to want these 3 West Elm looks that you can get for a lot less.

At West Elm for $79.00
At Hobby Lobby for $11.99 for the glass and $1.50 for the wood base. (and definitely use a coupon to save more)
At West Elm for $14.00
At Michaels for $2.99 (or even less with a 40% off coupon)
At West Elm for $49.00
At Homegoods for $19.99
Not bad, huh? You can have the look you love at a fraction of the price. If you like this series, I'll try to find more looks for less for you. It's what I do best. I'm a sucker for a good deal. And I really do believe you can have a great looking home for very little money.

I did the Math. If you went to West Elm and bought all 3 of these items, you'd spend $142.  And if you shopped the look for less, you'd spend $36.47 (that's without coupons).  That's a savings of $105.53. WOW!!! I just impressed myself.  


  1. Love this type of post! You are such a good bargain finder!!! Love the photo of the kids!

  2. You should definitely make this into an ongoing series. Love!

  3. You've impressed me too! :) This is great, I would definitely love to see this as a series! And I also swoon over West Elm's stuff, sooooo pretty....

  4. How smart! I love all them. The wood branch is a piece of art.


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