Riley Repairs - it's not pretty

It's been a busy month. I'm sorry posts have been sporadic around here. I'm out of my usual routine, with lots of traveling and I'm still going to school and getting my required courses to keep my teaching credential. Stay tuned all my faithful readers, I'll be back soon with lots of fun ideas on a regular bases very soon.

This is what's been keeping me busy this week.  Riley is in need of some repairs. On our way back from our Spring Break trip to the Napa Valley, we had a bad tire blow out on the I5. It was late at night, pitch black and the tire that needed to be changed was on the road side of the trailer.  It was nerve wracking watching Lonnie dodge semi-trucks while I kept the kids in the ditch listening to a coyote yip and howl at us very near by.  The blow out ruined not only the tire and wheel, but it ripped out a lot of the wheel well and all the electrical to the trailer.  It was a mess.  

My brother Joash and my Dad offered to help us tackle this huge job. Yesterday we began taking off the side panels to get a better look at the damage. I turns out that Riley, who was built in 1948, has had some water damage. A lot of the base of the frame was rotten and chunks were missing. We definitely have  a lot more work cut out for us then we expected. Today is day two of Riley repairs and we have 3 sides of the trailer off. I wanted to share the not so glamorous side of owning a Vintage Trailer. We found awful papery insulation, hornet's nests and a lot of rotten wood that has to be replace. I'm lucky to have a great DIY family. They are eager and knowledgable - the perfect combo.  We are trying to fix just what's necessary. I don't want to gut Riley. He's old and I really want to keep him as original as possible. But, it's going to be so nice knowing he is road ready.

Flying Creatures Once Called This Home

Yucky Insulation

The Torn Up Wheel Well

Brand New Solid Boards Going In

I've known since we bought Riley, that I'd need to paint him sooner then later. But, now that the side panels are off and we are making all these changes, paint is totally the next step. I think I want to keep the green, but I'm considering different patterns and designs for the paint job.  Here's a few that have caught my eye.

What do you think?  Do any of these or a combination of a couple scream Riley?  I also found another 1948 Kit Companion on Craigslist and it says that it has the original paint job, so it would be fun to return Riley to his original glory.  Here's the twin and the original paint job.  Don't you like the angular lines?  Doesn't it seem right to go with the original look?  I'd love to know what you think.

The Paint Job Riley Would Have Originally Had


  1. Original all the way!!


  2. I love all your inspiration photos, BUT I love the original much more! It's just as modern looking as the other ones. (Funny how those things come back around!)

  3. I like the aqua or the orange! Both are very retro friendly. The two tone sherbert color is really cute too!

  4. The scalloped one!!!!! I'm dying here. I think you have to do that ;)

  5. The original or the silver and orange are my favorite!

  6. Hi!! I just found you while googling Kit Companions. We just purchased one that needs to be restored. I absolutely love your photos, thanks so much for sharing them. From just the little research I have done, I believe he is painted the way he would originally look. You definitely got a gem. It great seeing you an your family enjoying it and looking forward to that with my family too. Cheers!


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