Great Air Plant (Tillandsia) Sources

I few weeks ago I posted my DIY Beaded Glass Bubbles to hold my air plants in.  I got a lot of comments asking what an air plant (Tillandsia) is and were can you find them.  The few air plants that I started with, I got at West Elm.  They are gorgeous and healthy, but I honestly paid too much for them.  I think one was $6 and the other was $4.

I haven't been able to find any locally yet, here in Bakersfield.  But, I'm really not all that surprised.  Bakersfield is a pretty big city that thinks it's a tiny cow town.  For example, our GAP in the mall recently had to close, because it wasn't making it.  Yes, LA is only 2 hours away, but I really don't want to drive there all the time.

So, I did a little Amazon shopping and tried out a few vendors for air plants and glass bubbles.  I ordered quite a few and I wanted to share what sources I found to be the best.  By the way, this is not an ad.  I just wanted to help you find some great online sources for air plants.

This set, seen in the images, was the best purchase.  It send I would get 5 different plants and I actually got 6.  They came in less then a week, were nicely packed and are healthy and strong.  With shipping I paid less the $11 for this set.

The round glass bubbles and the tear dropped shaped bubbles were smaller then I expected, but I actually think they are pretty dang cute.  Both came in sets of 6 and I think these look fabulous in a little grouping.

I filled my bubbles with a little colored sand and just sat my little plants in them.  The colored sand (bought at Hobby Lobby in the wedding section for $2.99)  adds a great pop of color.


  1. My mom is coming to visit next week and I actually had her take pictures of the air plants while in West Elm last week. She is bringing me three more tiny ones. I bought one HUGE curly guy for $24 about three months ago and I'm talking it's 8" diameter. I don't have a West Elm but now am really excited to hear of a few online places! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. The WE ones are gorgeous. I just wanted to find some options that were possibly cheaper and didn't involve a 2 hour drive each way. I WANT one of the huge curly guys. I'll keep looking online and let you know if a find a reasonably price one somewhere.

  2. I Love air plants, and there are several awesome stores in my neighborhood to find healthy ones. I try to take good care of them, but some of them tend to dry up in 3 months or so, and now I have 2 empty bubbles hung in our room. It is great to know that Amazon offers air plants and hanging glass bubbles for such great deals, plus they deliver orders to home. Thank you for the great information, I will definitely try them!

  3. Thanks for sharing!! I just bought some. :) I know where to find them close to me, but it would be a hassle. These will just show up at my door. Fantastic!

  4. I got some air plants for my daughter and i love them!! they look so cute. i got the glass terraniums at marshalls and tj maxx for a mere 3 dollars!!! they are pretty big and they even have larger sizes for bigger air plants which is nice. The sand i am trying to get wholesale along with the reindeer moss, which is kind of hard to find. But overall these are too cute!!


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