Global Backpacker Big Boy Bedroom

Sheesh, it's been a week.  Man oh man, didn't see this coming.  So, I had a crazy weekend.  Sunday during the sermon, on the stage, I crafted a little wreath out of trash in about 20 mins.  It was stressful, but fun to push myself.  Then Monday, I worked like a mad women to get the Coral and Kelly Green Home Office all put together. I can't wait to share the finished room with you. Then Tuesday I crafted, and sewed, and shopped for all the last minute things I needed for my nephew's big boy bedroom.  Then, after dinner, Olivia and I hoped in the car and headed South to Carlsbad.

Wednesday morning, my sister in law, Jacqueline and I got up early with the kids, made a plan for putting the bedroom together and then headed out to Target to pick up a rug.  As we were shopping fires broke out in their neighborhood.  We could see the smoke from the parking lot.  We didn't go home and soon got notice that there was mandatory evacuations for their neighborhood.  It was a long stressful day of worrying and waiting.  Luckily, Jacqueline's Grandma lives near by, so we camped out in her condo.  This morning we got the clear to come home and we've been busy ALL day.

I feel so privileged to get to design my nephew, Logan's room.  Almost 4 years ago, I helped make a couple things for his nursery.  I can't wait to show you how this space came together.  It's really a room that embodies my brother Josh. It's all his favorite things. So here's the inspiration board for his Global Backpacker themed room.  We are waiting on a couple more pieces to come, but I'll share the finished room very, very soon.

There's a couple things I'm particularly excited about:

1. The huge black world map decal from Wallums.
2. The awesome Minted art. (Bear and Mountains)
3. And the many, many amazing Nod products, like the red library cart, the adventure art, the plaid storage cubes, the first aid box, the chevron pouf, and the bear pillow.

I will have all the sources listed in detail for you, but for now, you can find most of these products on this pinterest board.


  1. Love it! Now I want a Global Backpacker Big Boy Bedroom too!

    Sorry to hear that you and your family were caught up in the wildfires! Hope everything is ok now and above all safe!


    1. Ya, me too. Lots of my favorite things all in one space.

  2. I would totally live in that room- its adorable !

    1. Thanks Caroline, I can't wait to share the finish space.


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