Girls Trip to Washington DC

Well, the last month has been a whirl wind of traveling.  I'm so blessed and it's really my favorite thing to do.  It wasn't really planned that we'd have all these trips all at once.  The first was Spring Break, we didn't go far, just to Napa Valley.  But, it was a great week of camping in Riley.  Then, my mom planned a, spur of the moment, girls trip to Washington DC.  I've kind of shared before, without being too specific, that life has been a little overwhelming and just generally crappy.  We needed a good distraction from all the life junk, and DC was a great cure.

Five of us went, my mom, my mother in law and two of my sister in laws.  It was the perfect group, we had a blast together.  We walked our legs off and hopefully most of the treats we enjoyed as well.  We ate amazing food and did it exactly the way I love.  We'd all order different things and then share everything so we could try all of it.  It really was such a great city for a girls trip.  So much to do, see and eat.  

These are mostly my iphone instagrams from the trip.  But, I had a lot of fun taking pictures in DC, gorgeous architecture and gorgeous blue skies.  Here's some of my favorite shots.  

The Washington DC Metro - Clean and Convenient

My cute mom and I riding the escalators in the Metro.

Old Town Alexandria

My Favorite Site - The Lincoln Memorial.  What a great man with so much wisdom.

Details at the Lincoln Memorial

The Washington Monument - We could see it from all parts of the city.

The Reflecting Pool - Met a fox on the path on evening. 

Pitango Gelato - Cardamon Gelato and Espresso, best combo ever!

The Capitol Building - view from the tunnels under the Capitol.

Rose's Luxury - Best meal of the trip! And another MUST EAT is Founding Farmers.

Just missed the cherry blossoms, but lots of other gorgeous trees blooming

The Monuments at night - a must see and do.

MLK Memorial - so inspired by the words and actions of this man.

Sprinkles and Georgetown Cupcakes.  We did both twice each and we vote Georgetown.  Their icing was light and fluffy and not too sweet.  Oh and Pie Sisters, is a must (we might have had that twice as well).  Yes, we were there only 4 days, don't judge.  

The Capitol

Tulips and the Capitol in the distance.

The National Gallery - Spent all my time with the Impressionists.

Thomas Jefferson Memorial - a super long walk for extra tired feet on the last day.

And my sis-in-law, Jessica, did a way better job of sharing the all the details of the trip.  Check out her blog for more about day one, day two, and days three and four


  1. Great pictures! Love the Lincoln Memorial shot. Wish I would have taken one from that angle.

  2. Love that you had such a good time and had so many cupcakes :p For as close as I am I don't take advantage of DC enough. It's so pretty!

  3. Amazing experience was so blessed to share with these ladies, never will forget how much fun we shared! Linda

  4. My favorite kind of vacation--one where the main activities are eating and taking pictures! You will never have to worry about judgement from me, I truly believe that if you don't gain weight while traveling, you're doing it wrong. (I'm a glutton...)

    Love these pictures, especially the one of the different paintings, so cool! Sounds like you ladies had a great time. Hope it was rejuvenating and has helped you get through everything!

  5. It's about that time of year again...


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