DIY Painted Pineapple Print

Last Summer, I got on a bit of a pineapple kick and this year there B A C K!  Pineapples are everywhere, have you noticed?

I've got a great little DIY pineapple art piece that is guaranteed to bring Summer into your home instantly. You can use any color combination to go with your home decor.  I chose to make one in the kelly green and coral combo (like the home office I designed) and a classic black and white framed in a colored mat.

12x12 white and colored card stock scrapbook paper
8x10 heavy weight art paper
Acrylic craft paints in a variety of colors
Paint brush
12x12 inch frame
Cricut machine or this pineapple template

Start by painting your 8x10 art paper.  I like to use heavy duty watercolor paper because it doesn't curl up as I paint.  This is the fun part, I just played with colors and brush strokes.  Make sure the cover most of the page.  

Then I cut a fun pineapple shape out with my trusty Cricut Explore.  I used the same pineapple as the one on my pineapple tote bag.  On the 12x12 piece of card stock, I centered the pineapple image.  This simple shape becomes the mat board for the colorful background.  And then you just slip it into a 12x12  inch frame.  Done!  Easy art to add color, pattern and a touch of Summer to your space.  

For more pineapple ideas, you might want to check out my geometric pineapple print, my yummy Pineapple Chicken Rice Salad, and some great Pineapple finds


  1. Love the colored one! Linda M

  2. Love this print! Thanks for this DIY.

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  3. YES! This is too too cute. My favorite is the black + white + peach/coral version, adorable! And I feel like this is still doable for those of us without a Cricut. Pinning!

    1. Yes it definitely is a non-cricut craft as well. I meant to make a printable template, and totally forgot. I'll get on it.


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