Thrifting Thursday - Bunches of Brass

So, the last couple of weeks I've been picking up lots of little brass pieces.  I don't have a specific place for them in my own home, but this is kind of how I thrift.  I usually just buy stuff I love (these are low cost investments), store it, and sooner or later find a use for it.  When I accessorized the kelly green and coral home office, I ended up being able to pull from my stash.  When you are working on a specific project or room, the thrift stores are not necessarily going to have what you are looking for.  So, if something catches your eye, jump on it and decide later what you'll do with it.  I actually think I just described hoarding to you.  Well, maybe I have a problem, tee hee.

Actually, I also find that I'm dropping loads off at the thrift store every month or so as well.  I think thrifting just allows you to change and evolve your style more often.  If you are paying $2 for a vase, versus $20, you can make changes often.

Back to the brass, the new stuff is expensive.  And to be honest, I really like the tarnish and imperfections of these pieces. They look loved and aged.  I don't like everything in my home to look brand new.  New is nice, but age brings a story and a lived-in, relaxed feeling.

I think you like this part, it's definitely my favorite, the prices:

Swans - $5 for the pair
Small Vase - $5.34
Large Vase - $5.34
Swan Scoops - $3.84 for the pair
Lamp - $6.99
& - $1

What have you found thrifting lately?  Do you only buy things that you have an immediate purpose for or do you buy and stash like me? 

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  1. That ampersand! These are all great pieces. You totally did describe hoarding, haha, but as long as you/we also keep dropping stuff off at thrift stores too it works out. :) We don't have much space in our apartment, so I try to restrain myself and only buy things that I can think of a purpose for while I'm in the store--unless of course it's something fantastic (loosely defined), then all bets are off!


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