Little House Door Stop

I'm on a roll with my new Cricut Explore.  I'm having so much fun this machine.  Today I made this cute weighted little house door stop.  I'm so pleased with this simple project.

First, I cut out this cute house in white vinyl, it's one of the 99c images in the new Cricut Design Room.  Then I ironed it onto a piece of fabric about 1.5 inches wider the house shape.

Stitch the fabric together leaving a 3 inch opening on the side.  

Slip a sandwich sized ziploc bag into the opening and fill the bag with sand.  This is the weigh down the door stop.  When the bag is full, close it and tuck the bag into the little house.  Position the bag of sand at the bottom of the house.

Fill the rest of the little house with polyfill to give it a good full looking shape.

Then simply stitch in closed by hand.  Now how easy is that?  What a fun way to hold back a door that just doesn't want to stay open.  


  1. Love it! Turned out really cute.

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