Gold Heart Elbow Patches

Oh, boy you guys, I'm having so much fun with the new Cricut Explore machine!  You already know I love Cricut, but this machine is so smart and cuts the most amazing things, like gold snake skin pleather.  

I ironed on heat 'n bond to the pleather first and then cut my pleather face down on the cutting mat of my Cricut.  It cut through the pleather so easily and with precision cuts.  I followed the steps of my Pleather Appliqued LOVE Pillow (there's handy instructions and pictures for the process). 

I kind of want to elbow patch everything in sight right now.  This is my new mom uniform, fancy elbow sweat shirt and jeans.  


  1. This turned out so cute Jeran! Glad to see you making good use of your new Cricut. ;)

  2. Thanks Haeley, starting with simple shapes, but so excited with the materials this bad boy can cut. I've got some thick leather that I'm going to try next!

  3. This is great! It's simple but awesome. xo


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