Black and White Valentine's Day

I've been leaning towards a black and white color palette for quite a while now.  You've seen it in Denali's Hunger Games party, black decor I've shared, my Halloween decor this year and even my Christmas decor

So, why not Valentine's Day as well?  We can celebrate the day of love with out being over-the-top girly and pink.  And like my Wooden Bead Heart and Cross Stitch Wall Heart, I don't think these items need to be Valentine's Day specific.  You can enjoy them all you long.  

2. Vase

Have I taken my black and white kick too far?  Is this color combination just too dreary for Valentine's Day? Or does it translate as modern and sophisticated. I'm not trying to be goth, if you're worried. I'd love to know your thoughts.  


  1. I'm not a big red & pink person - I'd love to see your geometric heart done in shades of black/gray/white!

  2. one of my favorite things about valentines day is the color combo- i adore red and pink together. however, i can support non traditional colors as well, like lime and raspberry for Christmas. and actually, the last few years, we have had rainbow colors for christmas. i have a 4 year old who loves " all the colors." i think she gets that from me:)

    1. I like that combo of lime and raspberry for Christmas. It's fun and fresh to try a non-traditional combo.

  3. Thank you so much for including me in this wonderful mix! I love Valentine's day for all it's pink and red glittery-ness, but I also love changing it up (especially when the mood and situation calls for it!)

  4. Oh I just LOVE that heart print (#1). Saw it before making the rounds on Pinterest or something, it's too cool. I've been super into black and white for a while too, and it's hard not to go overboard and make everything too matchy-matchy! But I love your modern b&w take on holiday decor, you do such a nice job. :)


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