January Monthly Memory Verse

It's a new year and I think it's time for new printable bible verses.  Two years ago I put together a year's worth of printable, framable memory verses.  But, my tastes of changed and it's time to learn some more verses, so here's a new year of printables.  There will be a lot of black and white (easy on the ink cartridges) and clean geometric shape and patterns.  

This verse is very helpful in keeping the start of this year in focus and my heart and mind's attention on the right thing - Jesus Christ.  I know, from experience, that if I seek God's way, plan, and righteousness, then everything else falls into place.  I can trust that God knows what I need and want and will provide for me abundantly.

Download your copy HERE.

If you printed any of the Monthly Memory Verses or just think it's a fun idea, please be a friend and "like" my facebook page, share this link with others, "Pin" it, or just leave me a comment.  

This is intended for personal use only.  
(Note: The text at the bottom of the image may print, but it is not within the 8 X10 measurement.  When you print, do not scale the image)


  1. Love these! And I love this space you've created! It's so beautiful. Found you through Honest to Nod a while ago and have been hooked ever since! I'll be sure to pin this beautiful printable for you.
    Happy Tuesday! Maggie

    1. Yay! Thanks for your kind words. I love Nod, they've been so great to me.


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