Modern Kitchen Accessories

There's something about putting all the Christmas stuff away and starting the new year that makes me want to purge my house and start fresh with a clean look.  I live in an old house, but I like adding modern touches to make my house current.  

I have a beautiful kitchen, but I think it could use some fun new accessories to revive it.  Last year I found my new favorite company, I LOVE Ferm Living.  Everything they make is gorgeous.  I drooled over their products before and while in Sweden.  My hubby bought this cute cup for me for Christmas while we were in Sweden.  

I found all these great products on All Modern.  Oh my, I could refurnish my whole house with this site.

As you clean and pack away, do you find rooms that need a little freshening up?  What room in your house gets overlooked the most?


  1. Style! Do bread bins really work? I remember we had an old tin one, but bread never had a chance to go stale at our place. Do you leave the bread in a bag or something?
    Are you going to put some Swedish touches in your decor now?

    1. I just have bread in it's bag on the counter. But, I like the idea of a bread bin or box. I would LOVE to add as much Swedish as possible to my home. It's gotta be almost free though :)


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