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I'm back to share more of the Ford Fiesta Movement with you. This month Ford's 100 "agents" are taking on the theme of SOCIAL ACTIVISM. In September, I shared what adventure looked like to me and then I was inspired to take a little solo adventure in NYC.  In October, I shared how I was inspired to give Riley, my vintage trailer, a little more style. And last month I played with the idea of entertaining.

I'm looking for some opportunities to give in my local community. This time of year, my kids get sooo much, so I like to look for ways that they can actively give back and help others in need.  I want them to notice that they have so much more then others, I want them to know how blessed they truly are. I have a few ideas that I'd like to try this week.  

The first is inspired by this Ford Fiesta's agent.  She went through various fast food drive thrus and paid for the customer's food in line behind her.  I think my kids would get a kick out of this.  I like the idea of an unseen gift giver.

The second idea I have is stolen from my Dad.  He is a pastor in Arcata, CA and last week when the offering baskets were passed around, he placed envelopes in the basket for folks to take.  In the envelopes he placed random amounts of $2 bills and asked the congregation to find ways to bless and help others out this week with that money.  I think it would be great to give my kids five $2 bills each and have them look for opportunities to help someone in need. 

And my third idea is very simple.  I'd like to take hot chocolate and coffee downtown on one of these cold evenings and hand it out to the homeless.  This is also an idea I stole from my family.  My youngest brother, Joash, recently spent 18 months living on the streets.  He said that sometimes a hot drink was all he really needed and was such a nice treat.

So, which one of these give activities do you think I should attempt with my family this week?  I'd love your input.  Which one do you think would have the greatest impact on the community and on my kids?

I also what to share with you that Ford Fiesta is presenting the second annual What's Trending Tube-a-thon. The Tube-a-thon is a live-streamed holiday party featuring huge YouTube stars as well as traditional Hollywood celebrities. On Thursday, December 12 at 6pmPT/9pm ET, viewers can tune into What’s Trending for two full hours of fundraising, music, comedy, performances and lots of surprises from your favorite online stars. Online viewers can tweet along with the hashtag #Tubeathon or #FiestaMovement, and for every tweet What’s Trending and Fiesta Movement will donate $1 to Covenant House. It's a fun and easy way to give back this holiday season.

There's a lot of great videos this month with great ideas.  I like this idea of upcycling a piece of furniture and then selling it to make a profit for a charity.  

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own.

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