Casual in Cobalt Blue

I've shared before that style and fashion is not my thing.  I am definitely not a fashion blogger (and the hubby is definitely not a photographer).  And actually posting these pictures of myself kind of gives me hives.  It's hard to see yourself through the camera lens, I prefer my "skinny" mirror in my bedroom.  I think before I had kids and my body was a different shape, I had the time and desire to put the effort into looking stylish.  Now, I have some trusted faithfuls in my closet that I turn to often.  They are pieces that I feel comfortable in and I can clean my house in , shop for groceries in and haul a two year old around in.  But, I like to be honest and as real as possible here.  So, here's what I look like on a good day (a none yoga pant and sweatshirt day).

I love an outfit that dresses up a great t-shirt (no ironing necessary).  This super comfy, made in LA t-shirt from Pickwick and Weller is my new favorite.  They are making ultra soft, great fitting t's that are normally found in trendy boutiques (that I don't even dare walking into), but at a price totally within reach.  And with lots of styles and colors to choose from, you'll be sure to find your favorite as well. They also have men's shirts, a truly perfect gift for hard to shop for guys! And I love a California company.  Be sure to check out what they are all about, you'll be impressed. 

If your struggling to find gifts for the ones you love this year, why not consider a versatile Pickwick and Weller t? And you'll be happy to know that Pickwick and Weller is offering O+P readers 25% off any order of $50 or more (here's your code). 

This is a sponsored post and I was compensated for my participation. The opinions expressed are my own. `

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