Triangle Tree Watercolor

Boy this has been a heck of a week.  Tis the Season for lots on your plate.  I'm sure you can relate.  To be honest, there were a couple times this week I wanted to run away.  I started the week with stomach bug and I think everything kind of went down hill from there.  But, today I'm feeling a little less stressed.  I took 20 minutes this morning to play with watercolor paints (Olivia painted along side me and I'm pretty impressed with her work).  It was totally therapeutic and exactly what my mind needed.

While in Sweden, which seems so long ago already, I soaked up all kinds of inspiration and ideas (which is not hard to do there).  One of my favorite stops in Stockholm with the Design Torget Shop.  The shop has a really great concept.  They pick items for everyday use from both established and unknown designers.  And then the items are sold for a limited time in their 17 shops and website.  Each week, their committee meets to vote on products that they want to sell.  And designers can apply to have their products sold. Then those items are exclusively sold at Design Torget.  Anyways, you should definitely check out their online store.  I bought a couple gifts their, and I was totally inspired buy their window display that had a simple black and white triangle tree in it, hence my triangle tree paintings.

I'm not an artist, far from, but experimenting and practicing techniques really is good for the soul.  I've changed up my little gallery wall in the living room.  And I replaced my geometric heart watercolor with a Triangle Tree Watercolor and my DIY Hexagon Instagram Frame has been traded out for a simple Black Tree Art that I made.  Change is nice.  And these touches are not too Christmassy, I'll enjoy them through January as well.

How are you finding ways to relieve stress during this super busy time of year?  Where are you finding inspiration and what keeps your creative juices flowing?  I'd love to hear from you.


  1. I am in LOVE with this!! It's so perfect for the holidays but would be great year round too. Really pretty. It is definitely the season for a lot on my plate--blogging, gift shopping, and seeing all the friends and family are awesome, but exhausting too! Looking forward to the post New Year's wind-down. :)

  2. Did you see the cups and bags at Starbucks this season? I was at a Starbuck's yesterday buying someone a present and thought about you. Red and gold triangles. :) Remember the reason for this season and rest in that.


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