Thrifting Thursday: Vintage Picnic Basket

I'm pretty excited about this find. I'm up in Northern Cali and on Monday, my youngest brother, my mom and I did a little thrifting and antiquing in downtown Eureka. My brother found a new shop for us, Annex 39 Antiques. It's fabulous and the prices are really great. It's one of those fun antique stores where everything is displayed beautifully and it's just a treat to walk through the shop. Yes, I do love a good hunt through a dusty, messy shop now and then, but it's refreshing when someone puts a little effort into their displays.

This green picnic basket was the first thing to catch my eye when I walked in the shop. Actually she had quite a few really great woven and metal baskets. This basket will be an awesome addition to Riley, my vintage trailer. It's even the right color of green and it's thought to be from the 1940's (which is perfect for my 1948 trailer). I think I'll store blankets and pillows.

It's in really great condition and I think at $38, it's really a pretty great deal. Have you scored an fantastic thrift finds lately? Tonight I'm going to go to a local furniture auction here in Eureka. I'm excited for the experience and don't have plans to buy anything, but if there is anything super spiffy I won't hesitate!


  1. very cute! I know what you mean. I love a good thrift store, but sometimes its nice to walk through a good store with nicely displayed vintage. it looks perfect for blankets!


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