Framed Textile

I'm working on gathering things I want to hang in my new, more modern living room. I'm ready to change a few things up. Sometimes you just tire of things that you once really loved.  But, I don't want anything generic, I want it to have some meaning or history on my walls.

I've had this beautiful handmade textile for years now and I've done nothing with it.  It's sadly sat in my closet for way too long. I bought it when I lived in Yemen a few years ago, when I was living there. It is entirely hand made by local woman. Actually all the proceeds went to the woman that made these specific pieces.

I've loved the colors and patterns in this piece, but just wasn't sure how I should display it. It's not quite square and I really didn't have the money to invest in getting it stretched and professional frames. So, I DIYed it and I'm really ok with my $10 shadow box frame from Target.  I know it's not perfectly smooth and flat in the frame, but I like that it's finally going to be a part of my home. The frame cleans up the shape and will allow this textile to fit nicely in a group of other frames filled with art and photographs.


  1. What a lovely textile! I like framing mementos and objects too so that they can become part of my home but not take up too much space (or gather dust). Would love to see a photo when you hang it up!

    1. A post of the whole NEW living room is coming soon. I put this textile in a grouping with a bunch of other prints that are all in a green palette. I really like the texture that this brings the mix.


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