My Good Looking Chair

I am beyond excited and totally in love with my new chair. He is just so handsome, I kind of want to name him. We don't buy furniture very often and he was an investment, so this little guy is going to be part of the McConnel family for quite a while. Over a year ago I sold the green chair that used to sit in that corner of my living room on Craig's list. And ever since, I've been saving my pennies to get this West Elm Sweep chair.  I got it in performance velvet in the color Shadow.

I'm just itching to give this room a much more modern look and feel.  This chair is the starting point. The next step will be painting the walls.  Right now it's a tan/beige color, kind of boring, but practical and neutral.  It's been this color for almost 10 years, it was the first room we painted in the house. And as boring as beige is, I think I'm going to stay boring and  paint the whole room a crisp white. Our dining room is a dark charcoal grey and I think this would be a nice bright contrast. What do you think?  I love color, but I think a white backdrop will be a fresh way to showcase colorful pieces like my green and gold geometric pillow.


  1. perfect! i love the color and the style...still modern, but totally looks comfy. and i think a white wall behind it will be so nice.

  2. Love it! Hummm could use one of your pillows for Christmas or something....just saying.....:) Linda M

  3. I love, love, love your new chair and the color is fabulous! It looks stunning next to the rug. I agree that stark white walls would be best. The beige would be dull with the chair and accent colors but I think the white will make the perfect backdrop. This way you can add any colors to the room that you want....it will give you many choices to play with in choosing accessories. Can't wait to see your progress....have fun!

  4. I love the chair, great pick! I think the white walls will make a big difference in making the space feel more modern. I'm currently (slowly) working on the same sort of transition in my house, too. Looking forward to seeing your progress!


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