Window Shopping - Coral Accents

I've been loving coral colored flowers this week, if you follow my instagram, you may have noticed.  And seeing this color with all the grey and green in our home, I'm total digging it.  It's my new favorite color combo coral, grey and green.  It would sure make a pretty party palette as well. 

So, I thought I'd do a little online window shopping at my favorite stores and pick out some fun coral accents that would look good in my living room.  Now that I have a new chair, I'm really wanting to modernize and update our living room.  I'm thinking a few splashes of coral might be nice, what do you think?   Is there anything in this round up that catches your eye? 


  1. I think a coral throw or a coral pillow would look great in your new chair. Then you could get a few other coral accents to spread around the room to tie it all together. A vase is always good. And a plate or bowl sitting in a stand is another good idea. And maybe some coral accents (throw or pillow) on your sofa. That way it's not just one random coral accent, but is an accent color in different places in the same room. I am also loving the coral accents & am trying to decide which room of my house best lends itself to adding some coral as well! The beauty of neutral furniture and window treatments is that you can go with an on-trend color for accents, then in a few years you can donate or sell or paint them to jump on the next trendy bandwagon.

    1. Amen sista, I agree with you 100% . I love a trend, and I'm so glad I have neutral furniture pieces that allow me to change things up from time to time.

  2. You are environmental friendly in your stuff and ideas. I love how you come up with these concepts. Coral colors are so nature loving. These ideas can be more beneficial for me whenever I have my dreamed house already. I will surely incorporate coral colors throughout the house, especially in living rooms and bedrooms.


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