Painting our Garage

Our home is a small California bungalow built in 1920.  We have a garage in the back, which is very necessary for all of life's junk.  But, for years and years it's really needed a paint job badly.  This poor little building has weathered and chipped white paint on it's siding. I even added this job to my 2013 New Years resolutions in hopes of making this a priority.

My very handy youngest brother is here visiting this week. He doesn't sit still for very long, so he's been doing all kinds of projects around my house.  It's awesome! He decided to take on the garage this week for me. He's spent the last 2 LONG days scraping and sanding the very peeled and chipped paint. It's a warm 92F here as well. This morning I helped with some sanding. It's going to look so great with a fresh, crisp coat of white paint. My backyard is going to feel like a new place with this is done.

Have you got any home improvement jobs that you've been stalling to complete or even start for that matter? What are you going to tackle this weekend? 


  1. Its going to look so good! We need to paint our garage door among lots of other small projects. Waiting for a warm sunny day to get started!

  2. Just had the garage roof done today. It's a new outlook from the deck!

  3. Weird, but I love the way it looks now! lol


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