Window Shopping: Life on Churchill St.

I'd like to introduce you to my friend Julia of Life on Churchill St.  Julia and I are just online, bloggy friends, but if we lived closer to each other, I'm pretty sure we would be real life friends as well.  

Life on Churchill is a really great blog.  It's one of my personal favorite reads.  It's a mix of crafts, diys, family, design and so much more.  She has just opened her Etsy Shop.  I'm really excited about the vintage and antique finds she already has there.  And I know she'll be on the hunt for more great finds.  And check this out, she is offering O+P readers a special discount.  Now through February 14th you can get 10% off (enter code VINTAGEVALENTINE10). I hope you head over there and check out the Life on Churchill St. shop.    

I've asked Julia to give herself a little introduction.

Hi, I'm Julia, I share about vintage finds, inspirational ideas, and a bit about daily life on my blog. I love connecting with new friends through blogging. It is so encouraging to find like minded friends with similar interests.

I'm a mom of two preschoolers, we live in Minnesota after growing up near the coast of Georgia. My background is product design and my husband is a designer too, it impacts how we live our daily life. My faith in Christ is really important to me and I try to integrate in Life on Churchill.

Julia has some great tips and tricks for thrifting, you can read more about them here.  She also did a little thrifting Q&A with me.

What's you favorite thing to thrift shop for? 
I love a good piece of mid century furniture. That is always the first thing I look for. Once I check out furniture I look for home decor, everything from knobs and handles to vases and vintage children's toys. 

What is your holy grail, or the one item you are always looking for?
I would love to find a vintage Eames lounge chair. I keep telling myself if I'm patient and continue to look I will someday find one! I've also been on the lookout for a vintage fisher price a-frame house to add to our fisher price collection. 

What's your best thrifting find of all time? 
A few years ago a neighbor had a garage sale. I just stopped for a moment and spotted a brass birds wall hanging. I bought it for $15 and later confirmed with the Artisan House that it is a Birds in Flight by Curtis Jere valued over $1000. It fits in nicely over our fireplace.

How often do you make it to a junk, thrift or antique store?
I visit the thrift store at least once a week. I go frequently enough that I recognize a lot of the employees and I'm sure they recognize me too. I visit a few estate sales on average once a month. And antique stores maybe once a quarter. I love antique stores but can't afford to pay premium prices.

Do you have any thrift regrets, something you wish you wouldn't have bought?
Not one in particular. I do sometimes buy things for nostalgia sake and then realize later that the toy is broken or the book's binder is severely worn. The good news about thrifting is the items are affordable. I like that I'm giving a product a second life, and if I re-donate it later someone will likely adopt it again.

I hope you'll show a little love and head over to Life on Churchill St. Blog and Etsy Shop.  Be a friend and leave a comment, pin one of her great crafts, or do a little shopping.  


  1. Some of the kids books on Etsy definitely bring back nostalgic memories! Those gilded plaques are great too.

  2. Love all these! I could window shop all day!! Love her blog too!

  3. thank you so much for sharing this with your readers Jeran! made my day!


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