Framed Geometric Heart

Last week I shared some of the touches of pink I've added to our home just in time for Valentine's Day. And I like my Giant Geometric Wall Heart so much, I made a smaller framed version for our mantel. 

If you don't have space for a large scale heart like the one in our dining room, here's a more practical size.  I started by cutting ten 1 1/2" squares of pink, light pink, and glittered gold card stock.  Then I cut the squares in half to make 20 triangles.  Using double-stick tape, I adhered the triangles to a pale grey piece of card stock.  Then I just trimmed the finished piece to fit a 8x10" frame.  My angular ceramic fox (from Target) sits beside it.

I purposefully didn't  line up the triangle totally straight, I wanted it to look like it had been pieced together layered. 

I love when something so simple comes together to make something beautiful and unique.  I'll be putting this out for many Valentine's Days to come, or maybe it will find a place in the girls grey and pink bedroom.


  1. Very cute and the fox too:) Linda M

  2. Okay GIRL - first of all, this is so cute!! love the triangle diy's haha. second of all, I loved meeting you at Alt and wish we'd had more time to chat!!!! I had no idea you had three kids! I'm sitting here reading through your whole blog getting to know you better.. I'm pretty sure we should be friends:)

  3. Loving the glitter accents. This is beautiful!

  4. amazing idea, I'm going to use it in my locker for valentines day


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