What I Learned at Alt

So, I've had a few days to process and think about my Alt experience.  And to be honest, I'm still trying to figure it all out. Yes, there were amazing parties with fabulous attention to detail. The whole weekend was a one of a kind experience and I feel like a took advantage of every moment and opportunity I could. I definitely took away information and inspiration from the panels and sessions.  So, after pouring over my notes again, here's my Top 10 tidbits of useful information and inspiration. They are kind of sporadic and random, but I think that's how my brain works.  I'm going to read over these every week and try to remind myself of where I want to go, and some of the tools and ideas that will help take me there.

Got to sit and chat with Kathleen of Braid Creative and Jeremy and Kathleen. Not to name drop, but I'm an even bigger fan now. Photo courtesy of Justin Hackworth.  

1. Content is King!
2. Know your goal and stay true to that goal.
3. Think Bold, Think Beautiful, Think Big.
4. Traffic doesn't matter, just have an engaged audience.
5. Clean is beautiful.
6. Have a unique perspective and a strong voice.
7. Think customization not organization.
8. Find your own voice.
9. Collaborate with those that inspire you.
10. Figure out what you are good at and what you like.

See, I'm happy and having a good time!

There's also something about being around the same people for concentrated periods of time, that teaches you about people and human nature. I love to observe people, and this was a good learning experience. A lot of it was just a reminder of the person I DON'T want to be. I want to be a relatable, approachable, and an authentic person. I want that to come across in my blog and when I meet people face to face.  And though I was disappointed with, what I thought were, "blog friends",  I also met some fantastic people that were down to earth and real.  Some were even BIG TIME bloggers and that was very refreshing.

Well, without boring you with all kinds of silly details, that's my synopsis of Alt. If you have specific questions, feel free to email me.  I'd be happy to share more. And I would definitely recommend this conference for anyone wanting to take their blog to the next level.

Just for fun, here's a Top 10 of my favorite people at Alt (this was really hard to narrow down, and there are others that should be on the list, but then it wouldn't be 10).  You may want to check out their blogs. I found these folks to be the kind of people I'd like to be real life friends with. 

1. Holly and Lauren (my roomates)
2. Alix
3. Erin 
5. Chelsea
6. Vivian
7. Sarah
8. Rachel
9. Whitney
10. Megan


  1. Thanks for sharing! I'm kicking myself for not going this year, but I think next year will finally be the year :)

  2. Love finding new blogs and coming recommended from you makes it even better. Glad you had a great time :)

  3. Ah, it was so rad to meet you, Jeran. I wish we had had more time to chat. I want to soak up all of your wisdom when it comes to parenting, traveling, adventuring... XOXO

    1. Traveling is definitely a bug that's easy to catch and hard to get rid of. Here's to hoping both of us get some great traveling done in the near future.

  4. Aww you're so sweet to have me on that list! It was fabulous to meet you too, chica!! hope you're having a great weekend xo :)

  5. You were a wonderful roommate. Thanks for lending your ear in our room and for also switching on and off the couch with me! Your blog is a beautiful representation of you. Cheers!

  6. Jeran it was so wonderful to meet you in person! You are such delightful lady! I'm sure we will meet again! Let's collaborate somehow!

  7. Aww thanks for including me! It was lovely to meet you! I'd love to hang out again. Maybe Alt NYC?


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